In 2015, Ruth’s Chris Steak House celebrated its 50th anniversary.

For the occasion, we honored the legacy of a woman who broke the mold - our founder Ruth Fertel. The "First Lady of Steak" bought a local steak house, named Chris Steak House, on Broad Street, New Orleans and transformed it what is now Americas #1 Steak House, boasting the largest collection of upscale steak houses worldwide.

Of course, Ruth was a stickler for sourcing only the top 2% of the country’s beef and serving the best steak on a 500° sizzling plate (that’s so it would stay warm through the very last bite). 

Often, people would ask Ruth why her food was so good, and she’d simply say, “Just follow the recipe.”

We invite you to experience how Ruth’s timeless recipe is alive and well to this day.